This boy, is MINE!!

The Boy I Love ❤

Last night, I watched “Sixteen Wishes” starring Debby Ryan and JEAN-LUC BILODEAU. It was sort of an accident or unintentional watching the movie because I only wanted to watch “17 Again” but as I scanned through the movies saved in my documents, I found this and well, tried to watch. The first movie clips of the movie caught me though it was some kind of “teeny-bopper” (well, I have to accept I’m still TEEN… enjoying being TEEN!) because of the light atmosphere and it’s kinda funny so, I went on…

Jean-Luc Bilodeau starred as Jay Kepler, the best friend (love interest) of Debby Ryan “Abigail Jepsen” in the movie. Well, I’ve nothing to say but only this: HE’S TOTALLY PERFECT!!! With all his cute facial expressions and effortless physique and awesomeness, he’s really the perfect one you could ever dreamed of. I’d really say, thumbs up for the movie and triple times for handsome Jean-Luc Bilodeau! Watching the movie, I hopelessly assumed I was “Abby” being paired with him. Hahaha >:) I’m so in love with him.. Definitely! :))))))) So happy night. Good night. Sweet dreams! LALALA Off to dreamland with JLB ❤