Fairy-fantasy Parteyy

It’s gonna be tomorrow 🙂 I’m so excited to see the rest of my HS buddies especially the debutante. Btw, the theme of her 18th party is fairy-fantasy… So, seems like this?


And I just made a gift for her. I hope she’ll like it 🙂


. . . Goodnight! Wake-up call: 4AM brrrrrr~


Gold among the pebbles :)

Way back 6 years ago, I met someone… She was well, obviously half-korean- so quiet and prim and proper. Not long, we became friends, I don’t know how but it’s just fate was just so right tying our destinies together.

As friends, we’ve come to enjoy each other’s company (I hope she enjoyed those times, too) we had plenty of conversations. When I say plenty, it’s really plenty. We shared commonalities between us, we both love arts and we used to be ‘buddies’ when it comes to sketching and designing. Her ideas were also some of the things which molded me as an art person. I simply like her, for being her- so lean and so beautiful. She’s known for her pureness and congeniality that’s why other people also like her too. Moreover, in some ways, we differ (and that’s probably the reason why our friendship have had roller coaster rides) like she’s the ‘mahinhin’ and I am the ‘pakawala’, she’s the silent type and I am the loud person. But all these things were the best things about us coz we both understand each other.

By the way, meet my friend Dasom Torres Jeong


Told you she’s beautiful. Hehe

As our friendSHIP sailed along, we also had few misunderstanding but this did not fail us to keep our friendship going. We kept on chasing our stars and held on to what lies ahead of us.

Back then, we were just little kids *having fun and yes, enjoying the youth and freedom each age has given us* :))


3rd year HS


friends at heart

My years in highschool were also somewhat indebted to her because she became my friend through smooth and rough roads.


we used to exchange letters before

And up till now, maybe were not that so close now physically since we also lack concentrated communication and that we have different routes to take and we have new friends and agenda in life to cater, but I believe were still the best of friends we’ve once become. Trust me, I love this girl 🙂


Before, she’d used to be so childish but look at her now “three-times-a-lady” and let me greet her a HAPPY, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!


Advance greetings multiplied into more greetings!


Hi tobol,

If you’d get to see and read this, I hope it’ll carve a smile on your face. I am glad I’ve become your friend. Get on your shoes and enjoy life with an utmost joy. Keep on soaring high! I love you 🙂

With love,

igit  >:D<

P.S. Listen to this song…

Not a burden in my back!

I am used to carrying backpack/knapsack in going to school because it is really convenient like it can carry a lot. You just load your bag with school supplies then you’re good to go! But it gets harder whenever I bring my laptop, especially that I bring it everyday because of school works plus paperworks of the our discipline and of our organization. That’s why, last semester, I found myself groggy because aside from sleepless nights and long walks to reach my classroom, I have at least 2 bags to carry everyday. I bring with me my backpack or at times, sling bag or shoulder bag where I can put my personal belongings and of course, books. Then another bag for my laptop, so that’s a sling bag but sometimes, instead of my laptop sling bag I use my laptop sleeve which is more like a laptop carrier (because it has handles). But with AT LEAST 2 bags everyday? Naaaah, that’s a total burden. Double the burden when it rains coz I still have to carry my umbrella and the wet! Yikes, not an ideal life :/

But with this bag! Carrying all important things to school is not a burden anymore.


Trying it!

Samsonite tectonic backpack is really perfect for laptops because it is compact and comfortable as well plus it has plenty of compartments and the solid laptop case is durable so you really don’t have to worry with your laptop feeling homey there! Well, I am just so happy because tito bought me one because he was thinking I really need it for my things like: books, notebooks, folders, envelopes, papers, tumbler, laptop, laptop charger, phone charger, pens, flash drives, kikay kit and headphones.

With the happiness I have, I just can’t help imagining myself how would I look if I’d start using it na. And I found a blog site which also speaks about how awesome Samsonite tectonic bags are. Well here’s the link, check it for yourself so you’ll know I am not the only who takes pleasure with these bags http://www.communitycollegesuccess.com/2011/08/do-you-wear-backpack.html

From the blogsite itself, I found these pictures and it ignites me more to use mine.




Wanna look like the way she looks having the bag. Hihi

So girls, let us try to be cool, rugged, hippy and free all in one with this ideal bag! ❤

WELL? :))


When did it become the middle class dream to quit your well paid job and open up a little artisan coffee shop in the slightly dingy part of town? I can’t count the number of people who have confessed this secret fantasy to me recently, and I know one person who has bitten the bullet to make it happen. It’s easy to see the allure. Especially for Generation Y (of which I am just on the verge) who have grown up with the expectation that work should be a rewarding and empowering pursuit, not a ball and chain around your neck.

This is partly because the wealthy western world is moving higher up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s no longer enough for jobs to provide money, security and status. Now many of us are looking for careers which help us grow as people and reach our full potential. And that…

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I can’t be righteous now. It’s just I love Marie Antoinette and that’s all

Feels so lucky to have ever known such a magnificent character in the name of Marie Antoinette. At first, it was only the French Elitism and Over-indulgence Style of Living which magnify me but as I’ve become more and more curious with this woman, I came to such point of loving her.

It was then I’ve known her story… And before I can be able to watch it, Wikipedia has already spoiled it. Haha but it’s okay, with or without spoiler the beauty of her being and her story will still impress me 🙂

Her life being above of everyone (though I hate bourgeoisie because most of them exploit the working class) and in the midst of solace of luxury, indulgence, exaggeration and gambling (that’s why her character was also used to symbolize for gluttony based on the Canterbury Tales) make me fall in love with French Art.

If I’d get married in the future, so probably that would be year 2019 or 2024 Haha I want to have wedding party themed like this.. OMG! I’d be happier then (only if that happens. oh my celebacy is coming nearer) and I’d really be the one to organize the wedding ceremony and reception settings. Gosh. Just with these, so I can picture-out…

And my guests would wear outfits like these (or much extravagant)

Just this time, these stuffs are something to die for! xD Such a unique theme if ever…



Because of these, I cannot be righteous at the moment because I am indulging the feeling Marie Antoinette gives me. Wew~