Accept it but I’m neither a woman nor a girl. Haha. I am simply a human with no gender, jk. I don’t know what’s in me but I find refuge in oh-my-gee not-so-feminine stuff like jeans (worst like the tattered ones), shirts, boyfriend’s polos and yes, sneakers. They make me look good than those blouses, sandals, doll shoes and skirts and I couldn’t change myself for that for others to accept me only because I am well-dressed, sarehh but I wear by expression and not by other’s standard. I may be hobo but hiiii :3 I think I’m more with the world whenever I look natural. Now, take a look of some of the stuff I wish I have… and these are also the things I can’t live without, well a mere obsession. (Buy me one huh? :P)

This is a CHIROS Nike, so neon… Perfect for dark shades of clothes to complement.

Also this one, good for printed/patterned tops and darker shades of pants.

And this one’s my favorite!! Shocks, I wish I have this… Sweet Dunk Nike Shoes 😉

But still, it made me smile when I realized that…

…my Nike shoes is somewhat in resemblance with the black one (sorry for the photo, it’s a crap I mean cropped. It’s the only photo I have wearing my shoes)

And also this,


Well, aside from these Nike shoes, I also have other obsessions from Puma and Fila. These 2 brands are also my suki, they’d never disappointed me plus Fila’s all year-round discount.

This a Ferrari Puma Design for women, I want one! I’ve seen one like this in my cousin, For KIDS nga lang ‘yun..

This grey one is some sort of unisex which makes me like it… 🙂

More than that, I also have Vans and Converse obsessions… Their designs are seemingly dazzling, they redefine of what really transpire behind the beauty of every girl 😉

Well, what a cute design from Vans… Hawaiian slip-on? Hehe!

And apart from Chuck Taylor designs of Converse, I am wanting this :P~~ Well, you can pair it with casual tops and perhaps if you try to blend, pair it with formal tops… I guess someone will still look good just by having this…

Woo! Posted a lot already… But yeah an obsession for life, so long as these designs exist I’d always long for them (pera lang kulang. haha) aaand sorry for being so materialistic in this post, just wanna share the somehow happiness capitalism brings to me ;P

(all photos posted here are from Google links)


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