Girl Crush

I’m hard to please… Honestly, really am. LOL But yes, in a way that I find beauty in what is bizarre well forget the damn ordinary ones and these people I am referring are really hard to find. Their population is perhaps only 1% in the total population of the world, hehe.

When it comes to celebrities, I don’t usually idolize and fantasize (wth*) the preppy and well-primed, most likely I have girl crushes on celebrities who are a bit of unconventional and effortless in how they look… So natural and simple yet elegantly peculiar, to mention like Vanessa Hudgens with her laidback and boho get-ups and OF COURSE my number one crush: MA. ISABELLA MAGALONA!!

SHE’S SO HOT!! She occupies a space in my heart ❤ I really admire her from the bottom of everything. Like take a look of this photo:

What a down-to-earth look! Probably, she hadn’t worn any make-up but she’s so damn gorgeous! Just with her at ease accent and aura, no need of any random stuff to beautify such beauty. I heart her a lot ❤ I wish I was like her… HAHA! But there’s something I have to build on, somehow we are in resemblance in terms of hairstyle and face profile… Perhaps 5%, at least *evil laugh* :DD

Another photo of her…

And not only that she’s pretty, she’s cute in whatever she does… Of course, I like her “medyo makalat” or “frizzy look” because it completes her being SAAB MAGALONA.


The serious look… It kills me *tugsh*

And this is what I call an EFFORTLESS BEAUTY. NO NEED OF MAKE-UP or any lame beauty-enhancers just HER.

Playful x.x

Her serious glare and stare are awesome in shots!


Preeeeeety Saab in her sloppy yet cool get-up! I AM REALLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER. HAHA!

Blame it to whomever you like but she’s got more than Marilyn Monroe’s sexy and hot beauty!! 🙂

(Photos posted here are from Saab Magalona’s Tumblr and WordPress, and few of these are simply from Google links)


This photo is the current desktop background of my laptop… At napagkamalan pa namang AKO sabi nila sa bahay xD ANG SAYA! Paminsan lang ‘to kaya pagbigyan na… Hahahaha.


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