Oh my!! I haven’t yet watched Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola but since SHE is famous and by the idea that her style as a character has been a talk-of-town because of its sheerness and its candid setting is an exquisite expression of art and glamour well this theme inspired by Marie Antoinette is undeniably wonderful which makes me proud that God made me a female. LOL :))

Sun and Glory

one hot and sunny saturday in October a bunch of ladies got together here in my backyard to indulge, marie antoinette style.  i started a pinterest board ages ago when i  was inspired by the pastries of bottega louie, a restaurant here in DTLA.  these pastries transport you directly to paris or italy, with magnificent artistic quality. they are almost too pretty to eat, but i pretty much just want to shove them in my face. my friend stacy was all about it too (it is our favorite restaurant to get together at) and we decided to co-host the party bringing together an eclectic mix of LA women!

stacy and i are doing a cross post about the party, giving two perspectives. mine somewhat of a tutorial filled with images, while stacy’s post is filled with beautiful poetic words that read like a song. she talks of her  personal…

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