Now, let me talk something different here… FASHION ❤ Well, for God’s sake… I’m deeply in love with fashion 😉 I may not be “Fashionista” as how the worldwide trend calls it but I cannot get enough with this. I love mixing and blending garments to come up with conventional and comfortable get-ups.

And yes, in college… I would somehow try to be Fashion Guru (kinda funny and ambitious) Idk but it gets through me… Well like anyhow, I’ve been up to Fashion icons like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, and Kryz Uy and Lareen Uy in the local scene for me to get some pieces of advice. But still, I don’t actually apply it to myself, only guts will… 😀 Just a mere fascination and information so by the time God allows I’d really wanted to be in a Fashion school… Well, totally… A whole lot different from my main interest- Politics.

MORE TO THAT. Sembreak has just started aaaand during these gloomy days, I’d never get rid of FASHION PERSPECTIVE. This time, I want to share my oh-so-favorite fashion materials which my heart uhmm… is eyeing for??




These backpacks are reeeeaaaaly aweeesooomeee! (Help, I waaaaant them :P~~)

The brown one is something I could really bring to school, well I can have it as both an accessory and a necessity where I can load my books (Books in Constitutional Law, Public Ad and Govt and Politics in Southeast Asia. Hehe)

It’s both fashionable and loadable. PLUS, the girl’s get-up in that photo is a sort of an idea already.

The black one is, if I may say perfect for strolling, it’ll give you an “on-the-go” aura perfect with cap and sunglasses like the one in the photo.

And another…


SO DAMN CUTE ❤ With a matching sling bag. So perfect for travelling, oh yiiii :3

And this knitted backpack is good to have while having small walks at the park or maybe for me, while visiting somebody at the graveyard. Not joking… When I’ve come to visit my lolo ❤


Anyway, my heart is somehow dedicated for backpacks only coz they make me look not too feminine and it’s so hippy, but this satchel bag below is splendid. Take a look…


The colors are the two of my favorites- grey and canary ❤ Very lovely! Plus it can be carried like a shoulder bag or a sling one. A must have beybehh J

Add to my favorites is this pair of sneakers (just imagine it’s a pair :D)… Casual yet eccentric! Want to have something like this, yeah for school. Hehe!


Aside from that, as a genuine lover of retro and if not obvious, brown stuffs… I have here loafers and oxfords!



Gorgeous! I have 2 pairs of loafers at home and they’re both black… Still don’t have the guts to wear them because others think they’re weird but hell no, THEY ARE WAY TOO CUTE. Bleh for those weirdos who can’t appreciate retro ;P

Do I have good tastes for fashion? LOL DEFINITELY! HAHAHA. SELF-PITY >:D<

Sarreeh but who else will come to commend me? ONLY ME! Well, surreal get-ups are somehow more striking so long as the one wearing them is confident enough to face the growling ugly people. Peace yow! :3

To end this, look at Emma Watson… She’s  awesome in her own way… LOVE HER!!


(All photos posted here are from Google) 😉 *WINKS*


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