Gold among the pebbles :)

Way back 6 years ago, I met someone… She was well, obviously half-korean- so quiet and prim and proper. Not long, we became friends, I don’t know how but it’s just fate was just so right tying our destinies together.

As friends, we’ve come to enjoy each other’s company (I hope she enjoyed those times, too) we had plenty of conversations. When I say plenty, it’s really plenty. We shared commonalities between us, we both love arts and we used to be ‘buddies’ when it comes to sketching and designing. Her ideas were also some of the things which molded me as an art person. I simply like her, for being her- so lean and so beautiful. She’s known for her pureness and congeniality that’s why other people also like her too. Moreover, in some ways, we differ (and that’s probably the reason why our friendship have had roller coaster rides) like she’s the ‘mahinhin’ and I am the ‘pakawala’, she’s the silent type and I am the loud person. But all these things were the best things about us coz we both understand each other.

By the way, meet my friend Dasom Torres Jeong


Told you she’s beautiful. Hehe

As our friendSHIP sailed along, we also had few misunderstanding but this did not fail us to keep our friendship going. We kept on chasing our stars and held on to what lies ahead of us.

Back then, we were just little kids *having fun and yes, enjoying the youth and freedom each age has given us* :))


3rd year HS


friends at heart

My years in highschool were also somewhat indebted to her because she became my friend through smooth and rough roads.


we used to exchange letters before

And up till now, maybe were not that so close now physically since we also lack concentrated communication and that we have different routes to take and we have new friends and agenda in life to cater, but I believe were still the best of friends we’ve once become. Trust me, I love this girl šŸ™‚


Before, she’d used to be so childish but look at her now “three-times-a-lady” and let me greet her a HAPPY, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!


Advance greetings multiplied into more greetings!


Hi tobol,

If you’d get to see and read this, I hope it’ll carve a smile on your face. I am glad I’ve become your friend. Get on your shoes and enjoy life with an utmost joy. Keep on soaring high! I love you šŸ™‚

With love,

igit Ā >:D<

P.S. Listen to this song…


2 thoughts on “Gold among the pebbles :)

  1. Hi Apple šŸ™‚ Thank you for this wonderful blog! This is so sweet and Iā€™m really touched :ā€<. Hoho! Indeed we have shared a lot of memories throughout our high school years and I consider them one of the best (Wipes tears away*). I will always treasure those times that we have been together. I LOVE YOU DEAR IGIT :* . Thank you again! :ā€™)

    • Hehe i love you too tobol šŸ™‚ i hope we’d get in touch more frequently. keep yourself busy with all the things that make you happy šŸ™‚ happy 18th once again! i’m gonna see you on your birthday ā¤

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