Not a burden in my back!

I am used to carrying backpack/knapsack in going to school because it is really convenient like it can carry a lot. You just load your bag with school supplies then you’re good to go! But it gets harder whenever I bring my laptop, especially that I bring it everyday because of school works plus paperworks of the our discipline and of our organization. That’s why, last semester, I found myself groggy because aside from sleepless nights and long walks to reach my classroom, I have at least 2 bags to carry everyday. I bring with me my backpack or at times, sling bag or shoulder bag where I can put my personal belongings and of course, books. Then another bag for my laptop, so that’s a sling bag but sometimes, instead of my laptop sling bag I use my laptop sleeve which is more like a laptop carrier (because it has handles). But with AT LEAST 2 bags everyday? Naaaah, that’s a total burden. Double the burden when it rains coz I still have to carry my umbrella and the wet! Yikes, not an ideal life :/

But with this bag! Carrying all important things to school is not a burden anymore.


Trying it!

Samsonite tectonic backpack is really perfect for laptops because it is compact and comfortable as well plus it has plenty of compartments and the solid laptop case is durable so you really don’t have to worry with your laptop feeling homey there! Well, I am just so happy because tito bought me one because he was thinking I really need it for my things like: books, notebooks, folders, envelopes, papers, tumbler, laptop, laptop charger, phone charger, pens, flash drives, kikay kit and headphones.

With the happiness I have, I just can’t help imagining myself how would I look if I’d start using it na. And I found a blog site which also speaks about how awesome Samsonite tectonic bags are. Well here’s the link, check it for yourself so you’ll know I am not the only who takes pleasure with these bags

From the blogsite itself, I found these pictures and it ignites me more to use mine.




Wanna look like the way she looks having the bag. Hihi

So girls, let us try to be cool, rugged, hippy and free all in one with this ideal bag! ❤


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