An Ivory Dream


At the hosts’ podium

I just made it to my bestfriend’s debut party and it was so fun. The theme was fairy-fantasy, well it really reflected in the venue with all the lily centerpiece and the leafless tree with colorful butterflies and everyone else in the hall. It was like a dream, more so with my outfit. I just love it although it was so short that I couldn’t help but be conscious. Haha. I am not used to such glamour kase. Sarehh.. The program was reachable because of the smooth flow of activities plus with all known people around.

Let me share some of the photos I got!


White Lilies


Fake butterflies perching




Leche Plan, best ever


DIY Sweets. Marshmallows topped with Choco Fillings


With a former neighbor, Quinn


At the hallway


I just love what I wore. 😀 Dress: XOXO | Heels: Mosaique | Apple Earrings and Silver Bracelet

The entire evening was such a dreamy. Relaxing and fabulous! 😉 But most of all, what I love with that evening is that, I was able to see the debutante and the rest of my HS buddies.



At D’Leonor Hotel and Inland Resort


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