Just combi/my ideal get-ups

Second semester is fast approaching and I haven’t yet prepared for it… It’s great depression at home, I think, uh? Simply no budget for shopping… All expenses were all laid down for the renovation of the house. 😦 But I understand. 🙂

Despite that, I’d still love to share my ideal get-ups for college. Just bedazzling all around a 28 hectare-campus 😉 Now, look at the rundown of photos..

Blue boyfriend polo + brown jeans? Nice. :))

Eccentric. The color i ❤

Aztec meets retro?

Laid-back retro-inggggg xD sweatshirt, oxfords and satchel?? ghad. awesome!

wanna get rugged 🙂

hanging blouse plus gladiator flats

black & white movement

Florals. Sneakers. Oh why not?

Love this! Loose sweatshirt in contrast with skin-tight denim jeans

blazers (formal) and loose tanks (casual) the irony you can get!

statement and shirts and wedges

Gosh. these are so ideal. More love ❤ I’d love to copy the get-up idea but cheers just for staring these. Haha. Well, hello second sem! 🙂


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