Frenemies: The Usual High School Issue



This just popped in my mind and it made me recall my high school freshman year because it was the first time I had a frenemy. And please, let me L-O-L to that. Well, I was just a fine loser teeny brat who enjoyed life materialistically.

Before, I had a friend and uhmm.. I mean, a rival friend who used to be my classmate. She’s a typical teen with a low-profile in school but is kinda wild and frantic. Btw, let’s call her Rossi- just an alyas. Our competition/rivalry started when I had a “textmate” who also became his “textmate”. The guy’s name is Jem and he lives in a far, far, away land a thousand miles away from our location (i’m not going to recount every bit of information but just some of the things i can sort-out) Then, this guy was, obviously became my “crush” and later on, her “crush” too. We both wanted to gain Jem’s attention and so we compete in all ways which caused such great dilemma to me and perhaps, to her as well because it did not only distract our virtual relationship but also our real life relationship and that it came that we both bragged our things, fame and social status to each other that when one gets, the other should also have the same or most probably, to outdo the other. I remember, she had a gray denim jacket and I also had a brown denim jacket. So, that was really a freaking distracting incident which was really caused by insecurity.


In relation, since I’m a big fan of Archie Comics, the characters of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in the comic series was a remembrance to me of what I became when Insecurity took hold of my being. It really kills. It gradually torments your soul and I’m just very glad that I was able to surpass such enormous feeling of both jealousy and hatred towards other people because of things I am not capable of having. I am now in college and I am contented of who I am and what I have. Insecurity/jealousy/envy and whatever is that is just a living demon waiting to be activated but countering it with gratitude and acceptance is a key in developing oneself holistically with values we can be proud of.


Well, insecurity is really inevitable because there would always come a time when you feel being left behind or maybe you feel being the losing horse in a race but it’s natural it’s just we can adjust and alter our reactions. We get to feel it but we can always divert our feeling into something positive. After all, they are our friends, those people we are usually insecure at. If they have things that we don’t have, let us remember that we have things that they do not have. We are different and the only thing that makes us all the same is that we are all different.

For now, let us be grateful of the things we have, places we’ve been to, experiences and lessons we gained and most especially people we cherished because they are those reasons for us not to be insecure.

To end, I have this saying…


Let us nurture ourselves if not with material things but the possibilities of exploring what the world can give. AJA!


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