i Dare myself

I am aware that it’s too early to be planning for 2013 but hey, it’s already December 25 and I guess January 1 won’t be too far so, I’ll have my New Year’s Resolution. But I prefer to call it “i Dare myself”…

Year 2012 has been a roller coaster to me, I’ve earned a lot of learning among the people I’ve met and from all the experiences. I had “first times” this year, yiii :3 and with this year, I’ve developed BAD habits in which I want to counter. I feel so disgusted everytime I think of the moments I was so naughty and rule breaker – be it personal matters or curricular ones.

But with this resolution, I WILL REALLY DO THESE! I will be idealistic, yes but I am gutsy that as much as possible I will fulfill all of these by the end of the year 2013 (sooner or later ;p)

Now here’s the run-down of i Dare myself segment of my year. 

1. Diet – less soda. less junks. less carbo (esp rice) since I’m getting FAT AGAIN. NOOOOOO

2. Save – at least 15 pesos a day. haha I’m so poor that’s why I have to save. This means, less eat-outs (also intended for the diet plan) and less fun? Not really, I’m a cheap friend btw so, it won’t be necessary. PLUS, bawas-bawasan ko na dapat ang pagmo-mall. Punyeta. Haha cge lang

3. Sleep early – not later than 12 midnight.

4. Manage time – minimize procrastination. more chores. more study time

5. Go home early – with curfew time: 8PM I should be home by then. Except when there are meetings and special events which need proper attention

6. Lower my temper – be patient apple, be patient! Understand those creepy peeps out there ;p

7. Write and read more – haha my novel is so panis already. Books and PDF files are full of lumot na rin. Haha

8. Never be late, less absences – Oh my. Prof. Mizell will be our PS7 (Govt and Politics in Southeast Asia) Oh help me God. which means I have to be early as early as 5 minutes before the class. Yikes! And I should limit my absences for like less than 3 absences, which will be fine (unless there will be a very valid reason) hehe

9. UHMMMM… Nothing else? I guess.

Waaa. I’m so freak!! 

Terms and Conditions:

Failure to comply with the following terms and conditions as stated herein will be charged accordingly.

Chos. Cge, cge lang. KAYA KO TO 😀


The Noche Buena Dessert Fondness

We had our Noche Buena 2012 earlier than 12 midnight because everybody was so gutoooom. And guess what, we all have eaten desserts which are oh-so yummy to death :”p mouth-watering… Though I’m in a course diet, I wasn’t able to resist from the temptations. Goodness! Who would resist these foods? Like these photos… 😀

—> these were all served kanina.


Carrot Cake. This tastes so deliciously sweet.


Lasagna… I ate a lot of slices. *overdue na*


Fruit Cake… *nakakalasing* hahaha


Pizza Cups. Had a hard time reheating them in the oven kc sobrang init -,-


Apple Pie, tastes differently from my Tita Aileen’s Apple Cake – iba rin itsura nun ;p


Macaroni Salad soooo effin yummy


Mango Float. Woo xD my all time favorite!


Buco Salad Ice Cream. Of course, from Selecta!

(Photos were all taken from Mr. Google’s anatomy, I failed to take photos kc kanina. hehe)

Well, Christmas is really a great time for eat-eat-eat but still, let us not forget that we owe all these fun and celebrations to the birth of Jesus 🙂 I am not that religious but I pay homage to the coming of our Lord, Almighty ❤

Merry Christmas world of mine!!!


am i that forgetful??

am i that forgetful??



Damn! I forgot my password and I cannot retrieve it anymore… Well, this blogsite will be forever left and forgotten, a resting place of candid memories.

Labels to Love

We are raised not in an elite family or what, but in just a simple or shall we say poor ancestry. But my mother taught us to value things, likewise to patronize “branded” clothes, shoes, pants, bags, etc. Since we were born, as she what told us… She would really buy us the expensive things we could ever had so long as we have extra amount of money to spend for subsistence and wants, of course. Until now, because of the culture and practice of the past, I and my 2 brothers rest in things with names. Even now, we are like experts in branded clothing because also of cousins, aunts and uncles who introduced us to different clothing lines and influenced us too. Going to the mall, though I don’t have money, still I just feel so satisfied doing window shopping especially on boutiques I adore the most because of their gorgeous clothes! And by the time, I’ll have enough amount in my pocket, I’d really buy all those what I call my “prospects” 😀

These are just some of my favorite clothing lines:











Clothes in these clothing lines/RTW lines are just exquisitely beautiful. Very chic and sometimes hippy. Gotta love them all ❤

This Holiday season, I hope I’d receive gifts with all those clothes from Santa this Dec. 24, 2012. Haha! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!



A     miable, she is to everybody

L     eave her and she’s out of composure

I     dle may seem but she’s somebody

L     ame people and she’s an exception, I assure

Y     ou see, this girl is a canary sunshine

G     iddy and carefree

R     aise in a tough bloodline

A     rose by compassion down to her knee

C     aged in bliss, she loves no other than

E     d Sheeran 😀

the geeky grin :)

the geeky grin 🙂




(hope you like my simple little gift xD)

Apple 🙂