i Dare myself

I am aware that it’s too early to be planning for 2013 but hey, it’s already December 25 and I guess January 1 won’t be too far so, I’ll have my New Year’s Resolution. But I prefer to call it “i Dare myself”…

Year 2012 has been a roller coaster to me, I’ve earned a lot of learning among the people I’ve met and from all the experiences. I had “first times” this year, yiii :3 and with this year, I’ve developed BAD habits in which I want to counter. I feel so disgusted everytime I think of the moments I was so naughty and rule breaker – be it personal matters or curricular ones.

But with this resolution, I WILL REALLY DO THESE! I will be idealistic, yes but I am gutsy that as much as possible I will fulfill all of these by the end of the year 2013 (sooner or later ;p)

Now here’s the run-down of i Dare myself segment of my year. 

1. Diet – less soda. less junks. less carbo (esp rice) since I’m getting FAT AGAIN. NOOOOOO

2. Save – at least 15 pesos a day. haha I’m so poor that’s why I have to save. This means, less eat-outs (also intended for the diet plan) and less fun? Not really, I’m a cheap friend btw so, it won’t be necessary. PLUS, bawas-bawasan ko na dapat ang pagmo-mall. Punyeta. Haha cge lang

3. Sleep early – not later than 12 midnight.

4. Manage time – minimize procrastination. more chores. more study time

5. Go home early – with curfew time: 8PM I should be home by then. Except when there are meetings and special events which need proper attention

6. Lower my temper – be patient apple, be patient! Understand those creepy peeps out there ;p

7. Write and read more – haha my novel is so panis already. Books and PDF files are full of lumot na rin. Haha

8. Never be late, less absences – Oh my. Prof. Mizell will be our PS7 (Govt and Politics in Southeast Asia) Oh help me God. which means I have to be early as early as 5 minutes before the class. Yikes! And I should limit my absences for like less than 3 absences, which will be fine (unless there will be a very valid reason) hehe

9. UHMMMM… Nothing else? I guess.

Waaa. I’m so freak!! 

Terms and Conditions:

Failure to comply with the following terms and conditions as stated herein will be charged accordingly.

Chos. Cge, cge lang. KAYA KO TO 😀


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