The Noche Buena Dessert Fondness

We had our Noche Buena 2012 earlier than 12 midnight because everybody was so gutoooom. And guess what, we all have eaten desserts which are oh-so yummy to death :”p mouth-watering… Though I’m in a course diet, I wasn’t able to resist from the temptations. Goodness! Who would resist these foods? Like these photos… πŸ˜€

—> these were all served kanina.


Carrot Cake. This tastes so deliciously sweet.


Lasagna… I ate a lot of slices. *overdue na*


Fruit Cake… *nakakalasing* hahaha


Pizza Cups. Had a hard time reheating them in the oven kc sobrang init -,-


Apple Pie, tastes differently from my Tita Aileen’s Apple Cake – iba rin itsura nun ;p


Macaroni Salad soooo effin yummy


Mango Float. Woo xD my all time favorite!


Buco Salad Ice Cream. Of course, from Selecta!

(Photos were all taken from Mr. Google’s anatomy, I failed to take photos kc kanina. hehe)

Well, Christmas is really a great time for eat-eat-eat but still, let us not forget that we owe all these fun and celebrations to the birth of Jesus πŸ™‚ I am not that religious but I pay homage to the coming of our Lord, Almighty ❀

Merry Christmas world of mine!!!


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