Series of Hectic Events

Last year was my “breakthrough” year because I had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of new experiences like attaining more and more achievements, recognitions and respect because of my different positions in school. I will not anymore mention basta all of those were BLESSINGS from GOD Almighty.

And, to sum up… Let me share an ounce of my sensible activities last year S.Y. 2012-2013 🙂 and even the continuous ones…


Forum on Bill of Rights


Forum on Political Parties (With Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay)Image

Forum on Human Rights (International Human Rights Day)Image

Forum on Mindanaoan Political Thought (With Rev. Atty. Elly Pamatong)


Forum on Climate Change (With Sen. Loren Legarda)


Forum on Family Code (E.O. 209)



Leadership Training with Lectures on Community Development –

Gawad Kalinga Socal, Gravahan



Gawad Kalinga Medsa, Tibungco



And still looking forward for more activities!! MORE PENDING PROJECTS :)) Hehehe



You know, I’ve never love anybody else except for my family and closest of friends but these shaggy ones already occupied a space in my heart. 🙂



Last October, Hachiko came to us. He is a Japanese spitz with an understanding mind – as what I’ve observed. Whenever you do actions of reprimand and provocation, he easily understands and never repeat it again. Then last December, our only female puppy named Chichai came. She is the shaggiest of all, before we confused her of her various names because at first, Tito wanted to call her “Rain” and it seemed awkward so I called her “Pooh” then he didn’t want because Tito thought it was corny so he named her Chichai even until now but sometimes, mama calls her beauty because she’s really a beautiful dog. Many times, we laugh about her because she’s so fat and short. 😀 And we always bring her along with us whenever we ran for errands. Lastly, our dear Hiro – a male dog also. The brother of Chichai. Hiro has also another name, Shinta. At home, we called him by the former but since my cousin was the real owner, he calls him Shinta but mama and I just make fun of it by calling this puppy HiroShinta, a bit nearer to HiroShima. Hahaha! Well, this dog is very intelligent. Whatever we do he has ways In order to escape from their DIY cage at the backdoor. He would climb, crawl, and all the possible things he can do only for the goodness of the outside world. Hahaha.

These puppies are really my happiness because whenever I get outside, they would jump and jump to reach me and they love to be carried especially when I carry them altogether with my arms. They just behave and sometimes they eventually sleep, I dance and dance until they get dizzy. LOL.

HAHAY. It’s just I miss having pets. Before we had a LOT of pets. Especially dogs and cats, we had tons of them. Aside from that, several chickens, roosters, turkeys and fish, too. I also remembered we had turtles, guinea pigs and etc.

Well, animals are really a soft spank in the heart. They somehow ease the burden of humans. Hehe. CIAO 🙂

Year Ender!!!!!

Hey, long time no visit my quirky little site! 🙂

LOL… I’ve been talking to myself again. Hahahaha.

By the way… I hadn’t updated this blog site for I think, almost a month already because for some personal reasons – I just wanna be idle and y’know, I wouldn’t really force myself to write if I’m not in the mood to do so.

But then, I AM BACK – will write and update more!



I celebrated my new year countdown with my father at the countryside of the world 😀 with his second family, which means with my madrasta and my half brothers. I stayed at their home for one week and luckily, it went well. Maybe because I do have an understanding heart (chos) and I know how to make “pakisama”… I just showed who I am, and as much as possible I never did any pretensions like I compliment my stepmother whenever she cooks good and I kid around with my little brothers. Afterall, what would I get if I turn loose with all the situation and just get mad about it for my entire life? I just had a great time because staying in the province was a long time ago already and I had a time of my life experiencing all the greatness of God manifested in my surroundings. I saw a lot of vast land where all I could do was breathe and savor each moment.



On the day of December 30, 2012 Papa and the rest prepared for our media noche – Lechon, Macaroni and Fruit Salad, Spaghetti, Chiffon Cake and sorts of viands. I stayed outside and listened to my favorite songs while playing various computer games. During the countdown, I was so terrified because after 9 years, that was the time I experienced my new year celebration with a BANG again like, with fireworks all around. The saddest part only was that, That was the first time EVER that I spent my new year countdown without mama. Though we were in the same province but she was in a different municipality to give chance for my father to spend such special celebration with US – his children. But I greatly appreciate my mother’s sacrificial love and I thank God for giving me such a wonderful family with my papa, mama, brothers and everyone else. We may not be complete or as perfect as others may seem, but we were able to stand up amidst the storm. That’s what and how JESUS showed his one-of-a-kind love for me. 🙂 BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



After 9 long years, I visited the best place for me – PINAMALOY LAKE. The place where it witnessed all the smooth and rough roads of my life, the place where we had picnics as a complete family BEFORE. And of course, the plaza where papa and mama would stroll us around during holidays.





NO REGRETS. JUST LOVE. 🙂 This is really a happy 2012!!!