What I’d Like to Do Several Years From Now (any of these)

What would you be doing 15 years from now??? Every one of us has these must-to-do-in-life. We dream of fulfilling random things and we aim in succeeding. And even to the point wherein some other people would tell us that we should take our time and not rush things. Well, they have the point but isn’t just so nice telling ourselves we can achieve whatever we have in our mind? It may be idealistic but the thought of those makes us persons. They define us. Which is why I respect people telling me those kind of things but I much value the ambitions I have which leads me to list down all the professions and things I wish I’d have in the near future.

  • Lawyer – This is what I wanted the most. I always love to debate but as of now, I don’t have the interest to debate in tournaments. I have the passion to speak in front of many people, deliver my speech and argue in an intellectual group discussions. But to suffice that in a law profession, I love being a lawyer honestly because I want the social status it has been associated to. I want my name preceded by “atty.” and I feel the need in advising people on what to do about legal or procedural matters. Also, I want to open up long lost cases which I think I could still reopen. I wanted to help the poor, it’s not idealism or “Ms. Universe” kind of answer but I always pity the poor especially old people which is why I want to help them free of charges. I hate seeing old people in jail (just this time, let me disregard their offenses just the mere fact that they are imprisoned)


  • Government Agency Employee – Relating to my course, I just want to be an employee in a government agency like DILG or NBI and do a lot of clerical works and serve people. I want to be an asset of leadership and make effects in the bureaucracy.


  • Senator – Because I idolize Sen. Miriam Santiago of the Phil. Senate (also a member of ICJ) I now want to become a Senator and make laws. Aside from that, the very essence of this is to make laws good for the people. Well you know, I fucking hate some of our laws gone to waste, really. They are good ones but the implementation is bad and poor. I want to make a law about changing the institutional form of government of our country into a federal form.


  • Fashion Designer – Well, fashion is really my passion and I think I am the only person who knows that. I love styling clothes and doing DIY stuff in order to come up with a pretty combo. I study a lot of fashion themes and I just love designing.


  • Author – I wrote a rough draft of my novel and I now, if the will says so… I want to go back to writing a novel and start a new one. I want to publish relevant socio-political awakening books which tackle various societal and political issues. Aside from earning, I’d also love to inspire people around the world.


  • Writer/Columnist – I am that opinionated type of person which is why I always aim to be a writer or a columnist of a certain tabloid or newspaper and magazines. I also want to tell people about my thoughts and that I have a stand.


  • Gardener – Plants are precious for me. I want a garden that’s full of species of flowers, ordinary plants and herbal ones. I want to grow as much as of these plants and create a greenhouse. Along with that, I always want to stay green-fingered.


  • F21 Model – This is my wildest dream- to become a Forever 21 model. Though I don’t have guts and qualities to be one. Still I firmly believe that I can be like those my favorite F21 models- tan, thin and gorgeous. Haha


  • Traveler – I want to travel to South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Australia, France and?


How about you? What are your ambitions? You can even list as much as you want.


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