Apple Salva
Davao City, Philippines 8000

Bio: AB Political Science student a lover of literature, arts, fashion, botany and the animal kingdom. :))) I have skills in sketching, writing, craft-making, designing, lay-outing and a little in video-editing and painting. I play the flute very well. I do play billiards and badminton. BUT, I'm quite a dreamer because I want to know how to play an acoustic guitar and a piano. I'd also want to learn how to play basketball and volleyball although I tried playing them many times during high school; and I'm intensely hoping to be able to know how to swim (the saddest part), to drive a bicycle and a motorcycle. Before I die, I want to accomplish all those things I've mentioned. Aside from those, I'd also want to be able to pass in bar exam, establish my own law firm, practice my profession (which is to defend my client), to at least serve the public and engage in the political arena, to be able to finish my novel and perhaps write more, to be able to establish my own foundation, to have my own clothing line or god forbid a fashion house (haha), to watch musical plays all around the world which also means to travel to different places and tastes their specialty of delicacies, to meet the Paramore band even they are already disbanded (if that is) and even if Hayley is too old by that time, more so, to be able to have my own farm or maybe a garden where various exotic plants grow and bloom with animals around the area, and lastly, to transform the government system of the Philippines into a FEDERAL SYSTEM. I am both idealistic and realistic.

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