September COME BACK!

Hi, I’m back for a very long time! How are you?

Well as for me, I am doing fine- really really fine though I had a lot of relapse and mishaps the past months. Just recently, I am also managing my anxiety problem. Thought of going to our guidance office but I rejected the thought because I seemed to be managing this well, so far.

But going back, I seemed to process a lot of ideas the past few months and I hadn’t been blogging those. A lot of those and forgot most of them. But let me start my come back with a bio-post again LOL

I’ve already made changes, small changes with immense impacts. So far, they made me better. They changed me for like 70% in me (perhaps if my estimation is not wrong)

First, I’ve come not to hate this one person anymore. Way back, I was used to curse her like hell because I simple hate her the way she is. I was jealous back then because she has something I don’t have. I admit that. I hate her existence and I hate everything about her. But that was before. Now, I’m loving her as a friend. I don’t mind what she’s up to, what she’s doing or even what she’s wearing now compared before. The rage against her has not yet blown away entirely but at least 1/8 of it has gone so far. The feeling is light and I love it.

Second, as much as possible I was able to resist temptations and deny so much materialism. I am working now as a writer in a certain company plus I race through days to keep with my schedule as a working student and as a responsible daughter. Still, I am this person in the house who never leaves the house with so much mess and I see to it that my cousin is good going to school and that mom’s fine. I deal with problems (though I had hard times and worst ones) and I was able to keep my pedestal. More so, temptations though they’re nerve-wracking still at least even a bit, I was able to resist them like simple eat-outs and strolling. I kept up. I was also able not to buy so much things which I did not need. Now, I only buy those I see as very important. I am also glad to have my job because it really pays – I get paid while I learn and enjoy.

Third, the exposure I was used to have in school had been changed. I am now an ordinary school girl and I love everything about it, no regrets though there are times I would think I wished I had them back. But I love earning my own money and earning job experience credits. For practicality’s sake. I wouldn’t want to graduate by 2015 (hopefully) with no job assurance. I was also able to avoid too much texting of which I was addicted into. Then, today is my 16th day of no Facebook account. It’s just I felt Facebook brought no good things to me the past weeks which is why I deactivated it. Now I am now in my Twitter and I love every single thing I do there. Also I realized that I could really survive from these changes so long as I still have “one thing” to share all my random feelings whenever I want to shout out and that is Twitter.

Fourth, the guy I’ve been eyeing for so long now has been a brain drain for me which is why I chose to avoid him and eventually cut off our communication. Will not go into details but I am just happy we’re not talking anymore- virtual talks I mean. I believe he’s still into this girl and I couldn’t keep up. I hurt hurting myself, simple as that. I’ve only been an option, that’s my instinct and observation and I couldn’t anymore suffice looking so dumb which is why I ended everything. But so much for that…

Fifth, the most important thing is that…. despite my anxiety disorder (specifically OCD) and all the problems at work, school and at home, I am slowly pacing- I am slowly retrieving my steps- I am slowly rising- I am slowly taking a stand- I am slowly recovering because I also came back to God. To be honest, I came to a point where I missed Him. I forgot He was there and I even doubted His existence. But I am thankful enough that after a very long time (I guess so) I am now back to His Kingdom. I’d always love reading few passages in the Bible every night and I love talking to Him whenever I want. It seems that God is more than a Twitter to me. As Twitter would accumulate all my emotions and ideas, God is more than that. He’s also able to relieve my stress and pains. He’s able to solve what I’m going through by simply tapping at my back and hugging me although not physically.

I may have had a lot of rise and fall for the last 3 months but I surpassed them. Good thing I have Him. So truly blessed. Hope you find His intervention, too. 🙂 He’ll put a smile on your face, for sure. 🙂



I am having a gloomy yet bearable sembreak spending it at home: watching movies, reading books/pdf files, listening to music, writing my novel (move on pls! ugh), sketching random things, blogging (of course), doing the landscape at the frontyard, quarreling my little cousin, taking photos, jogging, doing chores, EATING and oh… being senti xD

This routine well is just so typical for me BUT this changes everytime tito goes home coz I’ll have LAAG 😀 and eat-out haha. Speaking of GOING HOME, tito went home today from Singapore sooomee kind of Balikbayan and of course, the best part of welcoming him are the goodies from abroad. Yay!! Take a look of some of these…Image

So, these are… The Cadbury Bars!!! 😀 1 kilogram each so that’s 5 kilograms all-in-all. Soooo yummmmy ^_^ Finished eating and savoring the first bar and yes, I’m into GAINING WEIGHT again specially that there’s no more UM Pathway during sembreak (uy, such a long walk is really rewarding when you’re faaaaaat faaaaaaaat) But I can’t get enough of it, sige nalang energy booster naman.

Now, look at my brother’s photo of him (halatang bagong gising)



But hey, here’s…


Toblerones baby!! Konti lang to dito kase naibigay na ang iba -_- greedy mee haha

Aside from the sweeeeet and candiiiiiiiiid ones, I really have to share these because these are really awesome!



These antique wooden-carved decors were actually from EGYPT. And this is not the first time we had this kind, last year tito also brought 2 Pharaoh wooden-carved decors. But this time, we have these- added to the collection! There’s also a wooden-carved frame but forgot to take a picture of it.

More so, as I am not really a scents addict coz I just buy colognes, body sprays and perfumes put them in my bag but don’t actually apply them all the time. Just when I remember applying hehe

But tito gave me this Burberry Perfume from the Burberry Sets (men & women ) of Perfume he brought alongside with  the Bvlgari Set of Perfumes (which I envy a lot, but those are for the “matured” ladies at home as they say. duh)


Take note: this one is so small. As in!

While enjoying the early morning with my family I just find this a little funny…


Para lang kasing pamilya! Haha! (L-F: E-machines, Lenovo, Acer) Of course, mine’s the cuter haha LENOVO 🙂 Leave it to my brother and tito’s lappy. 😛

What a materialistic day. Hoo-hoo but this doesn’t stop yet. Wanted to share the new baby at home.. Since our family is a large one so we really need a number of cameras haha so this one’s an Olympus Digital Camera



It has nice features, tell you… Ganda ng kuha, pramis! 🙂

Back then when I was in High School, we had 2 Sony Cybershot Cameras. The first one was a grey one and the second was a black one which I used for 2 years (that’s why I’ve had a lot of pics way back from HS) and those were great considering the year haha


Up to now, we still never get tired taking photos of memories to be cherished in the following years or so that’s why we have these:


At least, pahiram-hiram at palit-palitan lang kapag kailangan. Hehe

(L-F: Panasonic Lumix X-mini Digital Camera, Sony Cybershot Carl Zeiss Exmor Touchscreen Digital Camera, Samsung Digital Camera)

I just love all of these because they capture memories I want to reminisce when I get older 🙂

Just like this…


I just simply like my photo when I’m with this naughty gurl awwwww sweet 🙂 Good day.