A     miable, she is to everybody

L     eave her and she’s out of composure

I     dle may seem but she’s somebody

L     ame people and she’s an exception, I assure

Y     ou see, this girl is a canary sunshine

G     iddy and carefree

R     aise in a tough bloodline

A     rose by compassion down to her knee

C     aged in bliss, she loves no other than

E     d Sheeran 😀

the geeky grin :)

the geeky grin 🙂




(hope you like my simple little gift xD)

Apple 🙂


Frenemies: The Usual High School Issue



This just popped in my mind and it made me recall my high school freshman year because it was the first time I had a frenemy. And please, let me L-O-L to that. Well, I was just a fine loser teeny brat who enjoyed life materialistically.

Before, I had a friend and uhmm.. I mean, a rival friend who used to be my classmate. She’s a typical teen with a low-profile in school but is kinda wild and frantic. Btw, let’s call her Rossi- just an alyas. Our competition/rivalry started when I had a “textmate” who also became his “textmate”. The guy’s name is Jem and he lives in a far, far, away land a thousand miles away from our location (i’m not going to recount every bit of information but just some of the things i can sort-out) Then, this guy was, obviously became my “crush” and later on, her “crush” too. We both wanted to gain Jem’s attention and so we compete in all ways which caused such great dilemma to me and perhaps, to her as well because it did not only distract our virtual relationship but also our real life relationship and that it came that we both bragged our things, fame and social status to each other that when one gets, the other should also have the same or most probably, to outdo the other. I remember, she had a gray denim jacket and I also had a brown denim jacket. So, that was really a freaking distracting incident which was really caused by insecurity.


In relation, since I’m a big fan of Archie Comics, the characters of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in the comic series was a remembrance to me of what I became when Insecurity took hold of my being. It really kills. It gradually torments your soul and I’m just very glad that I was able to surpass such enormous feeling of both jealousy and hatred towards other people because of things I am not capable of having. I am now in college and I am contented of who I am and what I have. Insecurity/jealousy/envy and whatever is that is just a living demon waiting to be activated but countering it with gratitude and acceptance is a key in developing oneself holistically with values we can be proud of.


Well, insecurity is really inevitable because there would always come a time when you feel being left behind or maybe you feel being the losing horse in a race but it’s natural it’s just we can adjust and alter our reactions. We get to feel it but we can always divert our feeling into something positive. After all, they are our friends, those people we are usually insecure at. If they have things that we don’t have, let us remember that we have things that they do not have. We are different and the only thing that makes us all the same is that we are all different.

For now, let us be grateful of the things we have, places we’ve been to, experiences and lessons we gained and most especially people we cherished because they are those reasons for us not to be insecure.

To end, I have this saying…


Let us nurture ourselves if not with material things but the possibilities of exploring what the world can give. AJA!

Gold among the pebbles :)

Way back 6 years ago, I met someone… She was well, obviously half-korean- so quiet and prim and proper. Not long, we became friends, I don’t know how but it’s just fate was just so right tying our destinies together.

As friends, we’ve come to enjoy each other’s company (I hope she enjoyed those times, too) we had plenty of conversations. When I say plenty, it’s really plenty. We shared commonalities between us, we both love arts and we used to be ‘buddies’ when it comes to sketching and designing. Her ideas were also some of the things which molded me as an art person. I simply like her, for being her- so lean and so beautiful. She’s known for her pureness and congeniality that’s why other people also like her too. Moreover, in some ways, we differ (and that’s probably the reason why our friendship have had roller coaster rides) like she’s the ‘mahinhin’ and I am the ‘pakawala’, she’s the silent type and I am the loud person. But all these things were the best things about us coz we both understand each other.

By the way, meet my friend Dasom Torres Jeong


Told you she’s beautiful. Hehe

As our friendSHIP sailed along, we also had few misunderstanding but this did not fail us to keep our friendship going. We kept on chasing our stars and held on to what lies ahead of us.

Back then, we were just little kids *having fun and yes, enjoying the youth and freedom each age has given us* :))


3rd year HS


friends at heart

My years in highschool were also somewhat indebted to her because she became my friend through smooth and rough roads.


we used to exchange letters before

And up till now, maybe were not that so close now physically since we also lack concentrated communication and that we have different routes to take and we have new friends and agenda in life to cater, but I believe were still the best of friends we’ve once become. Trust me, I love this girl 🙂


Before, she’d used to be so childish but look at her now “three-times-a-lady” and let me greet her a HAPPY, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!


Advance greetings multiplied into more greetings!


Hi tobol,

If you’d get to see and read this, I hope it’ll carve a smile on your face. I am glad I’ve become your friend. Get on your shoes and enjoy life with an utmost joy. Keep on soaring high! I love you 🙂

With love,

igit  >:D<

P.S. Listen to this song…

Yes, I’m an Idiot!

Last night, I mean near midnight at around 11:30pm I watched “3 Idiots” for the second time. But this time, got to focus and really paid 100% of attention… With the lights off and alone in my room.


IT CHANGED ME, PURPOSELY. Like for one thing, my outlook in life. It did, really… And hopes it’ll continue soaring high! Mind nothing about the Koel Birds, hahaha.


I’d like to speak and openly share this, what God gave me… Prior to my movie marathon last night, I prayed first so if I’ll suddenly sleep and well, leave my laptop ON AGAIN I’d prayed already. So, I prayed… Thanked and asked dispensed from Him, The Almighty with of course, supplication. I asked him to bless me and my family, all those around me “wherever they are, whatever they do”, to let us decide and act things according to His Divine Will, and lastly, to sum up… I asked Him for REPENTANCE. And let me tell you why, I am both talking of “3 Idiots” and Repentance here, and how these two have been involved in the smile I have now…

The movie, was about well “3 Idiots”- Rancho, Farhan and Raju. They were friends, met in an unlucky situation, in an unlucky place (LOL) and under a screwed director. The movie was full-packed with fun and laughter from the very beginning because of the journey and adventure of the 3 protagonists; it never failed me to grin at the same laugh so that was really HAHAHAHA. So there were the crazy stuffs Rancho did which also influenced the other two to think the same way as Rancho. More so, Rancho also presented a very well and down-to-earth philosophies (which I am really trying hard to adapt) which really contradicts to the idea of COMPETITION which was also analogized by Director Virus through a Koel Bird. Aside from competition, other aggressive philosophies were also countered by the so-called “Rancho’s Philosophy” and yeah, it really countered because it took effect in me.


It was all fun and delight enjoying the company of friends and to think that AAL IZZ WELL 😀

Moreover, as I may recount it in a different way with LESSONS LEARNED portion, the movie did not also fail to teach VALUES IN LIFE. From the scene where freshmen of the ICE (Imperial College of Engineering) had a special ceremony wherein they’d only worn briefs, it taught me not to defy/disobey everything and all but to dismiss demands when it actually distort the reality and righteousness. It’s not always to submit to authorities when we know they’re wrong, when we know they’re being irrational already, coz it’s not about their authority and they should be respected and followed, well, it’s about who’s right! It showed when Rancho did not submit to the head master of the ceremony to perform what others are performing, instead he made prank at him by conducting electricity through a spoon attached to a ruler right when the head master peed in front of his dorm room. Next, it is when the entire story countered the idea of competition when Dr. Virus presented a Koel Bird as a symbol of RACE, that Koel Birds do not make their own nest, instead “they push the other eggs out of the nest, competition over. Their life begins with murder. That’s nature, compete or die… Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you’ll get trampled.” –Dr. Virus… That was competition, after all. But this movie, it did counter such notion coz life is not about being the first or last, it’s about how you live it (this was actually the central idea, but let me spin the other lessons I found interesting)

As I went along, I found the scene in a Physics class where machine was being defined by two students with different personalities and understanding of what machine is. Rancho, as being called pointed out that… “A machine is anything that reduces human effort” which he elaborated with examples and the other student named Chatur defined machine in a standard way as how machine is being defined in books (sad to say, he’s a bookish kid). The two being able to define a simple word in two different manners matter in different perspective, Chatur being commended by the professor with a “wonderful” and “perfect!” comment was really duhhh… While, Rancho, on the contrary, didn’t mind being wrong coz he fully know he’s correct. He got the same point as what books say, he just delivered it in a simple language! Well, with this, it taught me not to memorize concepts but to understand and apply these concepts. It’s never bad being bookish like reading a lot of books but the thought of enslaving and imprisoning yourself with the credulous surface meanings of things by just recalling and memorizing them is way too different to comprehending them, insofar as to practicing them (theory & practice).

Next, it was about the suicide scene of Joy Lobo, also a student of ICE under Dr. Virus who wasn’t given a chance to finally finish his project so he can graduate which would make his father happy. In that I learned not only to make suicide and death our choice when things are falling apart lest they’d only erase our parents’ smiles, but I also learned that when one inflicts pain to somebody else, be it emotionally, mentally or physically and this person, the one you have inflicted pain resorted to committing suicide, then it’s never called a suicide anymore but a MURDER. Legally, it’s not the point but the pressure you put on this ‘somebody else’ is somewhat you’re liability for being one of this person’s reasons to commit such act.


Additionally, I’d never forget the ordinary scenes like when Rancho was simply happy and positive in finding solutions like why worry, when you have solutions? It only needs courage. Take for instance, when he took a bath in the school’s lawn where there’s water because the public bathrooms were full of students racing to use the facility. As for the idea of materialism, the scenes of Rancho and Pia were the eye-openers wherein Rancho kept on imparting free advices to Pia not to marry a ‘materialistic’ man who only wanted to marry her because of her good social standing as a daughter of ICE Director and as a medical doctor and who only value material things with brands and PRICES like how expensive they were. Furthermore, as Rancho the man, being him in the movie was really definitely a good teacher that we should study not for grades or degree but for learning coz grades wouldn’t define us. He also showed great true love for his friends as how we helped them outdo their problems without giving up on them to keep on advising them and reaching-out to them in the best way he can. He was a perfect example of a FRIEND who is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of others.

Also, as for our relationship to our parents, it was evidently shown in the scenes where the condition of Raju’s father was in a critical state… When Rancho told his friend not to worry so much of the examinations they’ll have the following day because “Exams are many, dad just one”. It was then I realized to value the time, we have to spend it with our love ones while they’re still here. We’re too mindful of growing up while our parents are growing old; why not spend precious moments with them?

Moreover, ordinals are way too disgusting here where they pose ranking to divide people like a caste system where A-graders: masters and C-graders: slaves as evoked in the students’ pictorial with Dr. Virus. More so, Rancho also held a striking thought that why flaws need to be publicized?

Added to all of this is the idea to: Make your passion your profession, an idea from Rancho who believed that he was good in machines because it’s his passion, he’s happy doing engineering and advised Farhan that he should pursue his passion in photography so as to follow his heart. Rancho also taught me another lesson that we shouldn’t be afraid of tomorrow and that we should have the guts in facing fears and in facing circumstances because when taking a degree of let’s say 4 years is less than the regret you may have in deathbed. WE SHOULD FOLLOW OUR HEARTS ❤ That was what Rancho told.

In addition, in an interview scene of Raju with the company officials was really something like he was open enough to accept rejection without being discourage to go on with life coz tomorrow will be another day, but fortunately he was still accepted because of his straightforwardness even from the suggestion of one of the officials that he should at least change himself into a diplomatic one to face clients as part of the job he was applying for, but great, he stood for himself that he would never change himself just to get the job and that impressed the officials and so he was hired.

Lastly, I’ve learned not to take revenge but instead take humble steps as what can be seen in the contradictory attitude of Rancho of being humble towards success and Chatur being the one full of revenge who didn’t really become a true successful person because he was full of rage because of his reason of revenge.

Stop publicity! Change the system! So that was it! Really, the movie was so epic. It may be OA but I cried plenty of times like for instance in Joy Lobo’s death and in Raju’s Father’s Emergency. Hahaha.

This line from Raju has also stricken me “Karl Marx says to share all resources” HAHA. So, that was like “tiiiiiing!” hearing Marx’ name… 😀 Well, Raju said it because of another capitalist persona- Chatur who was so greedy of his properties duh even for a pants. Indeed, a capitalist.


To end this, I just wanna say that AAMIR KHAN is now my new crush! Haha. He’s so handsome and funny, as well. Like the way he was in the movie as Rancho, a person of intelligence and wisdom.


His love story with Pia was also something, uhm… a relatable to my part coz what Pia felt for Rancho even for just 2 days was exactly like mine… Well, 2 days and to measure less than that, countable by hours. But as how Pia felt the feeling was the same as how I felt for this somebody who affected and impressed me with his intellect and aura. Haaays.. J But I am all too well happy for Rancho and Pia, happily ever after for them. Yey!!


So preoccupied with this movie, I advise you watch to those who haven’t!

Last words (from the movie)



Repentance was actually the feeling I got from watching the movie. So that’s how God offered His arms of repentance, to teach me.