I can’t be righteous now. It’s just I love Marie Antoinette and that’s all

Feels so lucky to have ever known such a magnificent character in the name of Marie Antoinette. At first, it was only the French Elitism and Over-indulgence Style of Living which magnify me but as I’ve become more and more curious with this woman, I came to such point of loving her.

It was then I’ve known her story… And before I can be able to watch it, Wikipedia has already spoiled it. Haha but it’s okay, with or without spoiler the beauty of her being and her story will still impress me 🙂

Her life being above of everyone (though I hate bourgeoisie because most of them exploit the working class) and in the midst of solace of luxury, indulgence, exaggeration and gambling (that’s why her character was also used to symbolize for gluttony based on the Canterbury Tales) make me fall in love with French Art.

If I’d get married in the future, so probably that would be year 2019 or 2024 Haha I want to have wedding party themed like this.. OMG! I’d be happier then (only if that happens. oh my celebacy is coming nearer) and I’d really be the one to organize the wedding ceremony and reception settings. Gosh. Just with these, so I can picture-out…

And my guests would wear outfits like these (or much extravagant)

Just this time, these stuffs are something to die for! xD Such a unique theme if ever…



Because of these, I cannot be righteous at the moment because I am indulging the feeling Marie Antoinette gives me. Wew~