I am an Activist!

People always tell the world is chaotic because of situations where other people impulsively react and phenomena which other people may somehow view or think as unequal. Per se, we can already have a VARIETY of the human race where people really vary from one another not by their race but of their stance. There are these passive, submissive and those assertive. Moreover, there are these constant in their stance and those who are some kind of random. AND I AM ONE.

For all sake and the forsaken, I consider myself as an ACTIVIST.

Well, that’s my picture taken last October 9, 2012 at San Pedro St. coz simply I am ANTI-CYBERCRIME LAW (Just don’t mind asking why muna 😛 I’m talking a different agendum here… and sorry for the super zoom photo coz I was just actually a BACKGROUND in the full view of the photo. Haha)

I am an activist not by the wrong connotation that I do participate in rallies, talk unwarily and equate each situation one-sidedly. Well yes, I have these pictures of me holding papers (sort of baby placards, hehe) condemning the government or anyhoooo… And I do not deny such act coz in real essence, I do not fear any of what I did or said BECAUSE I DO NOT FEAR BEING RIGHT IN MY OWN CAPACITY OF UNDERSTANDING. But still, I accept corrections and I’m willing to rectify my wrongdoings or wrong thinking (it gets ample persuasion and facts why I’d be wrong) I am not perfect, but hey we all are! I affirm if I do, and at the same time negate which makes me RANDOM. I sometimes become passive (I don’t care if you’d get stuck in an elevator), submissive (let them trim my eyebrows) or assertive (I’m right you’re wrong!) because I’m merely not constant. It’s not about keeping on track to be someone else but it’s about how I look at life.

To trace, I had my first experience of joining a rally last July 11, 2011 organized by progressive groups here in Davao City, condemning the budget-cut for education of PNOY and it was a national walk-out in expressing the grievances of the students/youth and all other apprehensive sectors to CHED and other concerned subordinates of the government. I had a first-hand glimpse of a life of a rallyist and with that, I understood their struggle. It was then I realized that understanding is not that easy telling yourself you understand but it’s being on their shoes, experiencing the whole thing for you to truly understand what they’re going through. Furthermore, such experience of first experience was then followed of few more involvements in rally which I did not really regret, I was happy then being able to experience and at the same time understand them- the activists.

I AM AN ACTIVIST means I actively get involve in things I know I can be involved into and somehow I know I can contribute something. It’s a matter of immersion and association that I’d get to think, feel and act in situations, places and people I know I can make use of myself. Reasonably, I believe (well here it goes) I CAN DO SOMETHING. I may be “tanga-face” at times but I am with pride to say that I value myself as an important part of the society to bring change and development and among others. I love the community I am into now and I’d always be willing to help those who are in need (be it poor or rich) and of course myself (I’m in need of reaching-out, hehe).

Furthermore, activism is not always about being able to speak and shout for glory it’s about YOU and ME we are meant to dash a bit of ourselves for others.

And this shall remain in me that anytime don’t be startled seeing me on the streets, well ACTIVELY eating kwek-kwek 😀 and perhaps holding placards AGAIN because an issue of an issue for me would always ignite me to keep struggling. Just don’t expect me rallying here and there always even with issues I do not dissent coz like what I’ve said, we should rationalize things as how we see it to be right not because we are pressured to do so. Think! We have our OWN MIIIIIINDS (kaya nga naglilitanya ako dito eh kasi utak ko to at blogsite ko to :D)

In the long run, IF YOU’RE WITH US… Let us keep on SERVING THE PEOPLE! (note: especially the hoi polloi) by means we humbly think we are capable of doing coz helping and serving can be of anything.