My Top Korean Dramas

1. Autumn in My Heart


This story always makes me cry whenever I watch it and I’ll never get tired watching this all over again.

2. Missing You


This story is very rich with the elements that has affected me so much. *chos*

3. (I am still trying to remember the title of this korean drama, urgh)

4. Glass Shoes


The plot revolves around 2 sisters with their struggles to know each other and to settle their conflicting interests.

5. Lavender


I simply love this. That’s all 🙂

6. Full House


Funny and cute

7. My Name is Kim Sam Soon


It just turned out differently at the last part, I was a bit of disappointed though but the story is also so funny. For daydreamers 🙂

I am fond of watching Korean Dramas because they always produce meaty and well-driven plots that really appeal to the audience. I’ve watched a number already but I only get to love a few and this is my list of top Korean Dramas. Now, what’s yours?