Ashley Tisdale: Style Icon

Ashley Tisdale has been my idol since I was in grade 5 🙂 I didn’t get hooked with High School Musical but I was totally impressed with Ashley T. playing as Sharpay because she plays the role just perfectly fine and after the series of HSM, I didn’t stop idolizing her cos even now, I consider her my style icon.


I am not a fashionista, TBH not really. I wear clothes according to comfort, appropriateness and expression but I read and follow a lot of fashion blogs, I get updates from most of the top rated brands and I experiment mixing pieces. So I guess I am not fashionista by the look but just by heart or maybe I was just brought up by my idea that fashionistas are those who can follow the trend, buy expensive items or those who get media/internet attention. But for me, real fashionistas are like that. 

Now since, I am NOT fashionista, what I just enjoy doing is dressing just according to my taste and it brings me butterflies in my bellies knowing that Ashley T is someone I can consider as my style icon because apart  from I idolize her because of her talent, my need for simple fashion sense is satisfied by this Hollywood celeb just how she struts her stuff. As you see…


She’s that one person that can walk with elegance in an effortless manner like when she doesn’t need a lot of trimmings, changes, retouches and what not. With the photos I’ve been saving in my docs, I see her with a lot of confidence with everything she wears, which makes her more appealing. 






Observe her fashion sense and you can say, she’s artsy and so chic in casual. I really like the way she dresses because it gives me a lot of ideas on how to work with my clothes- like how to mix and match and everything under the sun… of which doing so will not overdo my  ideal get-ups for school cos I like dressing up effortlessly and a lil bit untamed (HAHA) but at the same time chic and vogue. PLUS I NEED COMFORT!!!!!! … and dear Ashley T. gives me that….






These photos I posted here (ok -_- another from Mr. Google) are just ones of those photos which keep me inspired. ❤





❤ ❤ ❤


Give it up for the Introverts!

I totally agree. In school, I always meet a lot of introverts and sometimes I feel more than the introverts around me because they wouldn’t talk nor even just attempt to say something in class. But I realized that some of them are just simply quiet and shy but they have the skills and intelligence. Well, even now, though I am E I appreciate trying to be I. Hahaha TBH 🙂

How to Leave a Home

Yeah change is hard but totally rewarding when you start to accept it 🙂


When your husband shows you the house, recently re-listed on Zillow, complain that he’s been cheating on your home again.  And worse, on the Internet.  You thought you’d agreed to stay here, to stay home, in this sweet corn-yellow colonial, but instead, you find yourself clicking through the photographs, imagining your children at play in the fenced backyard, their growth ticks on the moldings (original to the house!),  watching rainstorms from the screened porch.  You have arranged your furniture in the living room.

You go to the open house with your husband and both sets of parents.  Your mother gushes as though you don’t own a beautifully remodeled kitchen in your house with tall cream-colored cabinets, rich hand-scraped floors, a farmhouse sink, the kind of kitchen your colonial always dreamed of.  You and your husband spent hours deciding on details and he, weeks making it come to life.  It is…

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Little Struggles Within…..

It’s like I am feeling annoyed of myself. Overweight stuffs hurting my back. I am conscious about these things happening within me… 

You know that feeling you want to say GOODBYE to everything? Like the past. I don’t want to dwell on it. If possible, I want to delete all the memories in the past especially the bad ones. But hey I am not asking to be amnesiac, it’s just as much as possible I want to be at least almost completely honest in this abode of mine.

I know I am OC, like I want to make things straight and unstained. You get what I mean? I always wanted to have a fresh start, all over again. I am so pissed off with all the mistakes, nuisance and over-exposures in my life. They’re getting beyond my nerves. I want to forget people who hurt me, things/situations which keep on punching my thoughts and ALL.

Well, I know the past is the reason who we are at the moment and I thank that. But I just want to be completely renewed. You know, something that will put me to rest. Even this post is totally absurd, I am talking with no sense of direction here. I am contented with what I have, to be honest, I really do, BUT I just want to be somehow opposite of what I had become before. That’s all.

And these feelings I am sharing to you know are the reasons why …. I avoided some people, I chose to decline offers, I aimed at establishing a low-profile and recently, I deactivated my 2 accounts on Facebook (while still completely existing in my so-called IdleAccount; still on FB but again, so lame and idle)

Sorry, I am having these absurd thoughts since the past months, weeks and days. I just need some enough air to breathe and space to spread my wings.

*slurp* *slurp*

Dear Lord,

I am contented and I have no regrets. Just let me choose another path. Send me some positive vibes 🙂 I love You always.

Your child ❤



My over-stressed look.



Avoiding ‘Truthiness’ When Writing Your Life

I actually agree, at some point.

The Artist's Road

“Did that really happen?” It’s a question every memoirist and personal essayist faces. Ideally the writer will answer “Yes.” It gets awkward when you have to say, “Yes, but…”

In the October 2005 debut episode of his influential TV show, Stephen Colbert gave the world the word truthiness. He said truthiness is when you’re talking about something that seems like the truth that you want to be the truth. That sounds a lot like the way memory works. I know a little bit about that as a journalist, piecing together different participants’ own truthiness of an event in an attempt to find the real truth.

I am now in my third year of learning to put the “I” on the page after years as a fact-obsessed journalist. I have learned a lot and am still learning, but my touchstone philosophy on writing about my life comes from Tobias Wolff’s…

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I’m Not Beautiful. And That’s Fine by Me.

Really liked this post. ^_^

Not Taken, Not Available

Two weeks ago, I got my hair trimmed, layered in the front, and blow-dried in such a way that it actually looked pretty good. I know it must have looked all right, because my grandmother, with whom I was dining that night, said, “Oh, my! Don’t you look beautiful!”

I tried unsuccessfully to brush wispy bangs out of my eye and replied with a grimace, “Take it in while you can, Grandma, because this is the last time it’s going to look this good until the next time I have to get it trimmed.”

Still, the next time I saw her, she exclaimed in disappointment, “What happened to your bangs? They looked so nice!”

I shrugged. “I went with the wash-and-wait-for-Denver’s-dry-climate-to-air-dry-it look, Grandma. And besides, they were getting in my eyes. I like ’em a lot better pulled back with the rest of this mop.”

Alas for my grandmother, who…

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