My Top Korean Dramas

1. Autumn in My Heart


This story always makes me cry whenever I watch it and I’ll never get tired watching this all over again.

2. Missing You


This story is very rich with the elements that has affected me so much. *chos*

3. (I am still trying to remember the title of this korean drama, urgh)

4. Glass Shoes


The plot revolves around 2 sisters with their struggles to know each other and to settle their conflicting interests.

5. Lavender


I simply love this. That’s all 🙂

6. Full House


Funny and cute

7. My Name is Kim Sam Soon


It just turned out differently at the last part, I was a bit of disappointed though but the story is also so funny. For daydreamers 🙂

I am fond of watching Korean Dramas because they always produce meaty and well-driven plots that really appeal to the audience. I’ve watched a number already but I only get to love a few and this is my list of top Korean Dramas. Now, what’s yours?


Avoiding ‘Truthiness’ When Writing Your Life

I actually agree, at some point.

The Artist's Road

“Did that really happen?” It’s a question every memoirist and personal essayist faces. Ideally the writer will answer “Yes.” It gets awkward when you have to say, “Yes, but…”

In the October 2005 debut episode of his influential TV show, Stephen Colbert gave the world the word truthiness. He said truthiness is when you’re talking about something that seems like the truth that you want to be the truth. That sounds a lot like the way memory works. I know a little bit about that as a journalist, piecing together different participants’ own truthiness of an event in an attempt to find the real truth.

I am now in my third year of learning to put the “I” on the page after years as a fact-obsessed journalist. I have learned a lot and am still learning, but my touchstone philosophy on writing about my life comes from Tobias Wolff’s…

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I’m Not Beautiful. And That’s Fine by Me.

Really liked this post. ^_^

Not Taken, Not Available

Two weeks ago, I got my hair trimmed, layered in the front, and blow-dried in such a way that it actually looked pretty good. I know it must have looked all right, because my grandmother, with whom I was dining that night, said, “Oh, my! Don’t you look beautiful!”

I tried unsuccessfully to brush wispy bangs out of my eye and replied with a grimace, “Take it in while you can, Grandma, because this is the last time it’s going to look this good until the next time I have to get it trimmed.”

Still, the next time I saw her, she exclaimed in disappointment, “What happened to your bangs? They looked so nice!”

I shrugged. “I went with the wash-and-wait-for-Denver’s-dry-climate-to-air-dry-it look, Grandma. And besides, they were getting in my eyes. I like ’em a lot better pulled back with the rest of this mop.”

Alas for my grandmother, who…

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Ideal Homes to Die For Before I Die


Refreshing house in an Australian shore


Mansewood Country House at Scotland. This is my ideal country house that looks like the house of Alice in Wonderland (anime version)


Modern Balinese


Apartments (I’d like to have one :D) in a Mexican War Street


And lastly, this oriental country house with a windmill.

Wishes do come true, right? Now let me wish.


We often speak about “change” at any angle and we see this word differently. Basically, we refer change as social or political change – of which may have accounted for social/political unrest. Others too, hearing change usually tickles them and say change in physical appearance perhaps due to past experiences whatever they may be.

Heretofore, change is seen in a pool of variety. The other side of the coin may say that change is not okay for it denotes instability and discontentment, well probably true but of course, depending on the confronting circumstances. Like for example, frequent change of the company name may indirectly tells that the company leadership and management are held too loosely and might be foreseen as prone to collapse sooner or later. More so, discontentment because pushing for change means something has not been satisfied. But yes, speaking of these things, on the contrary, for others (please include me) change sounds good. Why? Because it challenges a system, a habit, a custom or anything else. It objectifies to reach something by taking a new route or applying a new strategy.

For me, I see change as an AVENUE – a greener pasture. I see it as liberalism. I believe it’s open-mindedness. Change of whatever may be, one thing’s for sure, an adventure.

People push for change when they notice that, perhaps a system or a leader is not well-enough anymore to sustain genuine progress for the state when it only results to more negative outputs hence people may be put to a pressing dilemma… “WHY DWELL?” So they change and fight for it. Some individuals also, want to change their physical appearance because they think their looks are not working properly in the mating aspect (cos deny it or not, we are all conscious in this mating set-up) See that, change emerges when flaws sprout and that is when we put, I mean, I put it as liberalism, open-mindedness and adventure. Change doesn’t speak for conservatism and so is open to possibilities and thus is not afraid to get out in the comfort zone.

Therefore and still, I respect myself for all the thoughts I had, I have and will have. Because, well, from now on, I want to build a new version of myself – with a lower profile and a conventional lifestyle.

Cos as I’ve said, change is an adventure. 😉

<photos all from mr. google>

Love yourself!

Loving what you have is sometimes hard, especially when you are being influenced with the mainstream. Like, the mainstream tells you to love K-Pop because that is trendy and what not. However,   I am proud of myself because I don’t easily get caught with all those influences because actually, I more prefer indie and underground. I get bothered with the mainstream and overrated. For example, I am in love with Birdy, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran (though he’s getting mainstream, slowly), Ellie Goulding, Regina Spektor, Snow Patrol, The Smiths, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, and m2m. Though I like the songs of Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff and Rihanna, still, I get a better feeling listening to indie songs. Because, this is what I have – a passion for the not-so-typical.

Now, let me go deeper, in cases like physical features, we usually don’t get contented because the mainstream media always show the ugh… TYPICAL features or the ideals of a hot gorgeous gal – skinny, white complexioned, with straight and sleek hair, high-lifted nose, thin pinky lips and on and on. And so, we try to reach those goals in order to fit in. That’s why, the market takes advantage of it by producing a lot of products and services that will provide avenues for achieving all those ideals. Now, what I’m here for is to understand, uhmm, no, to truly comprehend and appreciate WHAT WE HAVE!!!! Btw, don’t get me wrong, I am not telling that we’ll just be satisfied even if we look so untidy, nope, it’s not that. What I mean is that we’ll have to appreciate or better yet, love our in-born features. The gifts, I mean, if that’s how we look at it. For instance, I have a wavy hair. That’s hereditary. Sometimes, I ought to treat it with unnatural treatments like hair relax or semi-rebond to make it straight but after a while, I always end up to what’s with me. Later on, I have much realized that the type of hair strands I have is cool  and gorgeous. It just depends on how I accept it and flaunt it. This type of hair is not actually a mainstream type of ideal hair in the Philippines, lest unusual. But soon I have known that this type of hair is well-loved by most elegant ladies especially in hollywood (now, it’s more mainstream but taken that I’m in the territory of the Philippine Islands, it’s not that too hot in here). With that, I super love my hair, like, to death. But I still have to grow it into waist-length para perfect xD Plus, it’ll make me casually elegant because I can wear a hair like this down or tailed.


I wanna grow my hair like these!


Well, if you’ll ask me. What made me change my perspective of what is “beautiful” about something? SIMPLE. I changed my eye sockets. Haha yeah, yeah… I changed it because given that we are all different from one another which makes us the same, I wanted to be “the all-unique super gal” I will be proud of because I haven’t changed anything. More like, I feel happy because I know I am beautiful because this is the 98% of myself, NO CHANGES AT ALL. It’s also ego-feeding, and we can’t deny that. But hey, I am not saying, we should abandon all the enhancers because treatments and services that will truly change the nature of your features is different from mere enhancers. Like, rebond, what it does to your hair is counter the natural strand of your hair. Now, haven’t you think of changing your eye sockets first? In order to realize the beauty of your original hair? HAHA It’s an eye opener. Again, if you let your eyes be opened. In the end, it’s an individual choice.

HAPPY ME :)))))))))))))))))) LIVING A LIFE OF CONTENTMENT!!!!!