The Change I Get


Hi, this post is actually my first mobile blogging and I get to excite my nerves because you know me, my ideas don’t just sit around the corner and wonder.. err.. They upsurge to be shared! And mobile blogging is really convenient because like for this moment, thoughts just run down though I’m already in bed (and definitely tired) and I get to post this.

So much for that! I want to speak about “change” now… Well, I’ve been speaking about that certain word all the time and it means for me in three words: (1) open-mindedness (2) liberalism (3) adventure AND nothing’s gonna hold me back! This opening of the school year and btw, the end of summer, I want to reinvent myself by first and foremost be a low-profile college girl. Not inasmuch as I want to change every bit but I want to be more academic-oriented and less in extra-curricular activities; except that I am still into my tutorial jobs whether online, private or both and my sidelines (Buy & Sell Pre-loved clothes/Land Deal). Coming up with this resolution was REALLY REALLY HARD to consider that I am an active student ever since at being the leader all the time became my habit, my agendum and my passion. But above all, my family is my FIRST priority and this time, I want to help a lot in doing things that will suffice my family’s needs which include my effort to assist our business (little sari-sari store) and chores at home. After all, these are the LEAST things I can do in a sense of payback to my parents while I am still studying. Further, I also feel the need to be someone new in the eyes of the many because I want to lessen the guilt I have because giving too much time serving my organizations made me happy of course but less than that, made me guilty because I sacrificed my family and mama and papa’s getting old, I want to assist them as much as I can. But mostly, I’d get to relax my mind by thinking that I’ll never stop learning and exploring. Leaving the university limelight, I know and believe that this decision is good because Almighty God has guided me to clear my cloudy thoughts. To end, I may take other route and perhaps I’d only take a train rather than an airplane, at least if I may not see the world in a skyscraper view, at least, I’d see the luscious green fields of the countryside. 🙂

P.S. I’ll reduce the romance section in my story of which I’ll eliminate some, entertain a few ones and perhaps, just throw them all in a non-recyclable bin! Slow the fast life, forget the pain and laugh out loud! Enough that I am stupid. I won’t dwell anymore.



We often speak about “change” at any angle and we see this word differently. Basically, we refer change as social or political change – of which may have accounted for social/political unrest. Others too, hearing change usually tickles them and say change in physical appearance perhaps due to past experiences whatever they may be.

Heretofore, change is seen in a pool of variety. The other side of the coin may say that change is not okay for it denotes instability and discontentment, well probably true but of course, depending on the confronting circumstances. Like for example, frequent change of the company name may indirectly tells that the company leadership and management are held too loosely and might be foreseen as prone to collapse sooner or later. More so, discontentment because pushing for change means something has not been satisfied. But yes, speaking of these things, on the contrary, for others (please include me) change sounds good. Why? Because it challenges a system, a habit, a custom or anything else. It objectifies to reach something by taking a new route or applying a new strategy.

For me, I see change as an AVENUE – a greener pasture. I see it as liberalism. I believe it’s open-mindedness. Change of whatever may be, one thing’s for sure, an adventure.

People push for change when they notice that, perhaps a system or a leader is not well-enough anymore to sustain genuine progress for the state when it only results to more negative outputs hence people may be put to a pressing dilemma… “WHY DWELL?” So they change and fight for it. Some individuals also, want to change their physical appearance because they think their looks are not working properly in the mating aspect (cos deny it or not, we are all conscious in this mating set-up) See that, change emerges when flaws sprout and that is when we put, I mean, I put it as liberalism, open-mindedness and adventure. Change doesn’t speak for conservatism and so is open to possibilities and thus is not afraid to get out in the comfort zone.

Therefore and still, I respect myself for all the thoughts I had, I have and will have. Because, well, from now on, I want to build a new version of myself – with a lower profile and a conventional lifestyle.

Cos as I’ve said, change is an adventure. 😉

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