Little Struggles Within…..

It’s like I am feeling annoyed of myself. Overweight stuffs hurting my back. I am conscious about these things happening within me… 

You know that feeling you want to say GOODBYE to everything? Like the past. I don’t want to dwell on it. If possible, I want to delete all the memories in the past especially the bad ones. But hey I am not asking to be amnesiac, it’s just as much as possible I want to be at least almost completely honest in this abode of mine.

I know I am OC, like I want to make things straight and unstained. You get what I mean? I always wanted to have a fresh start, all over again. I am so pissed off with all the mistakes, nuisance and over-exposures in my life. They’re getting beyond my nerves. I want to forget people who hurt me, things/situations which keep on punching my thoughts and ALL.

Well, I know the past is the reason who we are at the moment and I thank that. But I just want to be completely renewed. You know, something that will put me to rest. Even this post is totally absurd, I am talking with no sense of direction here. I am contented with what I have, to be honest, I really do, BUT I just want to be somehow opposite of what I had become before. That’s all.

And these feelings I am sharing to you know are the reasons why …. I avoided some people, I chose to decline offers, I aimed at establishing a low-profile and recently, I deactivated my 2 accounts on Facebook (while still completely existing in my so-called IdleAccount; still on FB but again, so lame and idle)

Sorry, I am having these absurd thoughts since the past months, weeks and days. I just need some enough air to breathe and space to spread my wings.

*slurp* *slurp*

Dear Lord,

I am contented and I have no regrets. Just let me choose another path. Send me some positive vibes 🙂 I love You always.

Your child ❤



My over-stressed look.